Group captives work best for good, safe companies spending over $150,000 for a combination of the worker’s compensation, general liability, and auto. By creating a captive they are indirectly able to evaluate the risks of subsidiaries, write policies, set premiums, and ultimately either return unused funds in the form of profits or invest them for future claim payouts. Sometimes they insure the risks of the group’s customers, too. Members enjoy:

same protection as a regular, guaranteed cost plan with a chance to earn back 60% of premiums, which can be put in an interest-bearing account.
premiums based on each insured's last five years of losses. No artificial rates are used
no ``unknown`` risk involved


CBM Insurance has the capability and knowledge to review, recommend, and advise on many types of construction risks. 

The main types of risks facing construction companies include property damage, income loss, employee injuries and liability risks. Generally, construction insurance provides protection for financial compensation for covered losses to a building or structure for errors and unforeseen events, which can lead to damages and losses during the construction of a building.


CBM Insurance has worked with a number of local restaurants, country clubs, and hotels to safeguard their businesses against losses. Among the major lines of coverage like business general liability and workers compensation, some other common and recommended coverage include:

Employment Practices Liability
Food Spoilage / Contamination
Business Income / Time Element Loss
Employee Dishonesty

Personal Lines

CBM Insurance offers personalized risk services for individuals and their families through the tri-state area. 

Through our regional and local carriers can provide insurance for personal autos, houses, vacation houses, personal umbrella, scheduled jewelry, and precious items. Offer a review of what exists on your current policy and suggest limits and endorsements based on our expertise.

Professional Service

CBM has extensive experience in working with those in the professional services field – Law firms, accounting offices, consultants, engineers, architects, etc. These risks have a set of challenges different from other business types that they face on a daily basis:

Errors and Omissions / Professional Liability
Directors and Officers Liability
Cyber Liability

For professionals, that have “expertise and advice” exposure – technology firms, consultants, accountants, lawyers, etc. we can Protect you financially from claims of inadequate work or negligent actions.

Real Estate

Our real estate insurance carriers have a broad scope of coverage options available to protect exposures such as Lessors Risk, Property Management Firms, Commercial Condominiums, & Residential Condominiums/Apartments.

General Liability / Umbrella / Excess Liability
Ordinance and Law
Water / Sewer Back-Up
Directors and Officers
Employee Dishonesty

Social Services

CBM is familiar with managing risks like non-profits, schools, and churches. Exposures related to these accounts include:

Business Income / Extra Expense
Professional Liability
Abuse or Molestation
Umbrella / Excess Liability
Directors and Officers
Employment-Related Practices
Workplace Violence
Cyber Liability