CBM DIS provides a comprehensive suite of coverage tailored to the specific needs of your dental practice including:


  • • General Liability- Sometimes known as business liability, protects you and your business from claims involving bodily injuries and property damage. General liability insurance can help cover medical expenses and attorney fees as a result bodily injuries and property damage for which your company may be legally responsible
  • • Building And Business Personal Property- Provides coverage for your business property in the case of fire, vandalism, theft and many other exposures.
  • • Loss of Business Income- Provides protection for your loss of income suffered due to damage to your practice,which causes a slowdown or suspension of your operations.12 months actual loss sustained and Valued Daily Loss
  • • Valuable Papers, Crime Coverage, and


  • •  This extremely important coverage provides protection for errors and omissions while providing dental services. 
    •      •  Occurrence or Claims-Made Forms 
    •      •  Limits up to $5 Million
    •      •  Professional Umbrella Coverage
    •      •  Full Prior Acts
    •      •  New Dentist Discounts up to 60% First Year
    •      •  Part Time Discount



  • •  Covers costs such as settlements, judgements and legal fees for employment related claims including Sexual Harassment,Wrongful Termination, and Discrimination



    • •  Provides benefits for employees injured the job or performing work related activities.These benefits include medical treatment and income for the injured employee
  • •  Tired of paying workers compensation premiums and never having a claim? CBM DIS had partnered with Am-Trust Corporation to provide an exclusive dividend plan to return up to 25% of your workers compensation premium to reward you for your safe work environment. Please see the attached details! 



Every business, no matter its size, collects and stores personal data about customers,employees and others. In addition to storing information, your business may depend on computer systems to access and use data to conduct daily operations. This technology and accessibility expose you to harmful cyberattacks with the potential, if successful, to disrupt your operations, add to your costs and harm your customer relationships. Our Cyber Defense coverage can provide: 

  • •  Breach Response Expense Coverage
  • •  Identity Recovery Coverage
  • •  Computer Attack Coverage
  • •  Cyber Extortion Coverage
  • •  Data Compromise Liability Coverage
  • •  Network Security Liability Coverage
  • •  Electronic Media Liability Coverage